I once lost my way in college because of my addiction to Counterstrike, only to eventually discover that my persistence to cheat in the game, such as planting an “undefusable bomb” and tweaking the .cfg file, has slowly built my software analysis and testing skills without an IT background.

I am a product of the social sciences and has dipped my toes into Law – which could potentially explain my tendency to always feel inadequate in knowledge and has always tried to catch up. 

My journey through lifelong learning on software quality, lean-agile development, and experience design was actually inspired by an agile though-leader who told me in front of a crowd of 30 that a tester (aka. me) do not have a place in ‘agile’. Ever since, I’ve looked for ways to prove him wrong.

I’ve been a testing practitioner (and still identifies myself as a tester), software development manager, product owner, and agile / testing consultant and coach. I also am an active contributor and speaker in the agile and software testing communities in Manila.

You can find out more through my LinkedIn profile. Sometimes, I also tweet.