Our learning design is a practical, hands-on, agilist-centred workshop facilitated by an expert practitioner in the field of lean development, agile management, and context-driven testing; unlike current training programs in the market that overloads trainees with concepts in powerpoint and are facilitated by career trainers (non-practitioners) on these topics.

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We promise you a fun, practical learning experience with no boring lecture sessions – else, your money back!

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Exploratory Testing in Agile Contexts

An outcomes-based workshop consisting of five modules, spread into four weeks, where you are expected to appreciate and apply the principles and practices for testing within agile contexts. You will also readily have tools and takeaways you can implement with your teams immediately!

We will cover:

  • Mind maps, and creating lightweight test artefacts

  • Test heuristics, and rapid test design

  • Risk-based testing, and finding critical bugs early

  • Bug advocacy, and managing bugs within a sprint

  • Exploratory testing, and increasing the test confidence

Detailed outline can be found HERE.

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